Wednesday, June 11, 2008

IT Project Managers in high demand

IT project managers are where the money is at. Yes, the economy just dumped 50,000 jobs as of last month but this is absolutely the best time to have a PMP and know your IT skills. A study conducted by the staffing firm Veritude says a little over half of the firms will increase their staff. Payrolls and productivity have been increasing. And who do they want to hire the most?

The IT jobs most in demand, according to the survey of 122 HR, IT and finance pros: project manager (31 percent), database administrator (30 percent), systems administrator (28 percent), enterprise architecture (27 percent), software engineer (27 percent), network engineer (25 percent) and systems analyst (20 percent).

What's not being specifically categorized is the business analyst and those skills are in between the project manager, the software engineer and the systems analyst. But if you don't have some project management in your skill set, shouldn't you be thinking about learning Microsoft Project soon? Or even taking on a modest set of skills with Project+? If you have experience in project management but not a PMP, employers are looking for that certification first so get it as soon as you can.

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