Monday, December 21, 2015

Building your dream home - knowing web site roles and skill sets

As a teacher I'm interested in getting the right information to the right student. A major part of my training is web site building and students often want to know what skill sets to learn for their job or career. Building a house is one of my go-to metaphors I use when talking about developing a web site. Getting a home built from the ground up takes skills from
  • a general contractor to get all the people collaborating, 
  • an architect / designer to figure out how it should be lived in, and 
  • the carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and other specialized contractors to build it.
You can separate the skill sets of building a web site into those same basic categories or roles:
  • admin people to set, build, and deploy the code
  • GUI / UX designers to understand the work flow and usability and
  • the developers and database people who make it work.
These roles of the web admin, designer, and developer have been implicit in many job titles and much training can be fuzzy about who should be learning what for the best results. Here's my simple guide to what skills each role could need in a prioritized list:
  • Web admin - OS, network, server configuration, server-side language, JavaScript, architecture, HTML, CSS, graphic arts
  • Web designer - graphic arts, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, server-side language, OS, network
  • Web developer - server-side language, JavaScript, database, architecture, OS, network, HTML, CSS, graphic arts
My classes at Centriq (including some I no longer teach) and the roles that they target in groups by primary role would then look like:

The JavaScript Tooling class is a two day class highlighting the admin skills for JavaScript based web sites and was taught as part of the JavaScript Powered Web Apps but is now offered separately.
The JavaScript Powered Web Apps doesn't get you hardly any design because it's about setting up a web site using nothing but JavaScript. That means that the web site isn't much to look at but it's very cool under the covers. 

I hope that you are better able to guide your educational path towards a team of skills so you can build your own personal dream home with some of these role explanations. 

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